Sucess stories


Only about 40 breeders received the N-Fit-Powder in 2018, 2019 and 2020.
Among them were five breeders who participated exclusively in One Loft Races and
International races have participated. Of these, three OLR-players are presented:

A little story about a living OLR-legend.

In the spring of 2018, I was on the phone with a top breeder Thomas Kornelius from Germany about the things that are prerequisites for possibly breeding a super pigeon. These include top gene codes from the parents, excellent breeding form and some luck. The egg completes this phase. And so far, we both agreed. I told him that I had invented something that would increase the probability of breeding an real first-class pigeon by a lot in the mating phase. He just said, “Send it to me, I will try it and at the OLR competitions we will see if there is anything to it!” And Thomas Kornelius bred the world-class pigeon “Thomas6” with N-Fit-powder. “Thomas6”, won the 2018 Algarve race in Portugal by 24 minutes.

For the genetic evaluation of “Thomas6”, please read what Mike Ganus from America writes about this pigeon he bought for 60,000 € and its offspring on his web page.

In 2019," Lena" DV-9564-19-344 from Uwe Neubauer copied him in the Algarve race. She now breeds with Pieter Veenstra in the Netherlands.

Both winners were bred with N-Fit powder !

Successes achieved with N-Fit powder

Final Race Winner "Lena"

Algarve Golden Race 2019

Uwe Neubauer won the 2019 Algarve Golden Final Race with “Lena”. As already in 2018 by the previous year´s winner “Thomas6”, the winning pigeon in 2019 “Lena” was specially bred with the N-Fit-Powder from Dr. Heinz Geilen.

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Simon Wolf, Alp Race Team (Switzerland)

1. Winner: FCI-World champion 2019 (2-part-Team ranking)

** 4. Winner: FCI-World champion 2019 (4-part-Team ranking)**

Simon Wolf (Switzerland), -Alp Race Team- won among others these two categories in 2019. In the breeding of his winners he uses the N-Fit-Powder from Dr. Heinz Geilen.

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National championships obtained with N-fit-Powder over an period of three years.

2018 till 2020

2nd, 5th, 7th and 10th place

National Ace-Pigeon ratings obtained with N-fit-Powder over an period of three years.

2018 till 2020

1st, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 7th, 10th and 10th place.

What the winners say about N-Fit powder

The animals supplied with N-Fit-Powder from Dr. H. Geilen have clearly smoother and more delicate plumage. They feel much better than the other pigeons when assessed by hand. What is especially noticeable to me is that the youngsters raised with the product are smarter and visibly more alert.

“Lena”, the final flight winner 2019 at the Algarve Golden Race, is such a pigeon.

- Uwe Neubauer

I have been providing my breeding pairs and young pigeons with the N-Fit-Powder from Dr. H .Geilen since 2018. They present themselves to me visibly more vital and simply a class better than before. The youngsters raised with it are more combative and mature faster than before. They show themselves more intelligent and radiate something special.

So I am not surprised that I bred the Super-Pigeon “Thomas6”.

- Thomas Kornelius

I am thrilled with the N-fit-Powder from Dr. H. Geilen. It is a super product and since I use it in my pigeons, I notice that my animals are more vital and alert than before.  They have a more delicate plumage and are also more resistant to health. N-fit-Powder is a world-class product an a truly innovative thing.

I can only recommend N-fit-Powder without reservation.

- Simon Wolf (Alp Race Team)