What makes N-Fit-powder so special !

N-Fit-Powder is not and does not replace any supply system. However, it manages any supply system in an unusual way so effectively and leads to amazing results and success. It has a fundamental influence on the basic health, vitality, intelligence, vitality and especially the heredity.

In the young pigeons is noticeable the rapid and pronounced maturation in terms of their physical and mental abilities. - OLR-relevant -

Simon Wolf (Switzerland) - alp-race-team - world-class OLR-player; see success stories

Only the result counts

Real world class racing pigeons are top pigeons because they have achieved unusually good results and only these make the real top class pigeons. The same applies to true world class breeding pigeons. In short: ONLY the result and the observation of the users count and nothing else.

This approach was and is consistently implemented by me. This means practically that only the observations and the results of the users in breeding and racing are included in the effect profile of the N-Fit-Powder.

Team Schute/Kornelius won the 2018 Algarve Golden Final - race - with the word class pigeon “Thomas6 " , DV-01696-2018-6, bred by Thomas Kornelius. - see success stories -

Quotes from astonished users

The statements made here about N-Fit-Powder are quotes from users only:

  • My young pigeons are smarter, cleverer and more alert than the years before. - OLR-relevant -
  • My youngsters are healthier and grow better than the years before.
    - OLR-relevant -
  • My pigeons have a top metabolism,
  • My old and young pigeons finally put down perfect fecal balls again over the whole year. (dry, small, firm, bound)
  • My pigeons come home much better and safer and are in a very good condition and much less birds are lost. - OLR-relevant -
  • The pigeons always have more delicate plumage and always look TOP.
  • My pigeons are more curious and more combative.
  • My top breeding pair gives top offspring again.
  • I only give N-Fit-Powder and other breeders ask me what I did with the pigeons because they look so good and other breeders ask me what I did with the pigeons because the look so good and are so vibrantly alive.