Backgrounds and focal points of development

The all-important element of every true world-class pigeon is genetically determined in the period from mating to egg laying. Via chromosomal and extrachromosomal inheritance, the decision about the emergence of a true class pigeon is then made in the egg.

Already my role model, Piet de Weerd, searched and bred the top class (pigeon of excellence) in the breed. Only with their gene-based praepotency, he continued to work very successfully.

Besides the breeder enthusiastic about breeding a pigeon of excellence and the veterinarian, there is now the HP-homeopath in me who has successfully treated people and animals with the most diverse procedures. Decades of study of these procedures and research became the cornerstones of the N-Fit-Powder.

All statements and descriptions given here about N-Fit-Powder are exclusively observations of the testing breeders, made and formulated without prior knowledge, expertise and working hypotheses. Similar observations have been summarized by me into product-informations.

  1. Heredity, Genetics, Growth
  2. BASIS Health
  3. Metabolism (Water Management)

These three condensations are not accidental. They cross with my working hypothetical approaches and are reflected in the observations of breeders and are clearly evidenced by top performances in a short time.

Heredity, genetics, growth. - OLR-relevant -

Until today, and it will remain at the level of the gene code, one needs a pair of parents in breeding form with top gene codes, passing traits and the famous bit of luck.

So, following my vision, I had to focus my research on the area of genetically effective activities that do not involve structural changes of the genetic code per se.

Defacto, there are mitigating influences on the full unfolding of the coded genetic information. They affect not only the individual himself, but are also passed on to the offspring.

My professional practice combined with homeopathic knowledge have led me to the conviction that in this area a positive influence on heredity in racing pigeon breeding should be possible. So the way had to go via a reduction of depressing influences in the context of heredity.

Similar processes were and are until today, e.g. in homeopathy, to be solved only in individual cases and with a great expenditure of time and knowledge. They are described in the homeopathic approach with the term “miasmatic” and have to do in the broadest sense with the medical term of “disposition”. They are very complex and have a diminishing effect in the form of destabilization of the basic health. They also lead to fluctuations in performance.

The pigeons, which are so directly or via their genetic armament “extra” equipped, should thus have an advantage, which was previously unknown and unused in the racing pigeon breeding. So significant improvements in the form of spectacular pigeons and successes should be possible.

The results, successes and statements have confirmed to me that my experiences, conclusions and working hypotheses about an improvement in the field of genetic transmission of parental hereditary information are correct.

My conclusions are clearly confirmed and substantiated by the user statements, national successes and the international results of OLR-top-players, like Uwe Neubauer, Thomas Kornelius and Simon Wolf in 2018-2020. .

BASIC health - OLR-relevant -

Similar to heredity, it is also about accessing structures that have blocked a positive influence and reorientation so far. So far, they could not be overcome or levered out at all, or only in individual cases. Here too, the result should be a significant improvement in basic health.

*User statements on this subject:***

  • fewer drugs need to be used, if they are administered anyway, the work better

  • stronger in themselves

  • matured earlier - OLR-relevant -

  • one class better than before my young animals are healthier and more stable then the years before

    breeders aske me what I have done with my animals because they look great

Metabolism, water management - OLR-relevant -

Water is the central hub of all life.

and is directly and centrally related to metabolism

and significant improvements should also be visible here.

User statements on this topic:

  • Fecal pellets become drier and smaller in old pigeons and in young pigeons in the nest.

    My pigeons have become lighter and more voluminous.

    My youngsters no longer over-acidify so quickly and therefore come home better and are thereby in a much better condition. - OLR-relevant -

Therefore it can be concluded that either the metabolism requires less water or there is a higher water reabsorption. Thus this point gets a special meaning for the journey particularly with further distances and heat flights . The pigeons have less thirst.